Sunshine Coast Optometrist Fights Short Sightedness

fights short sightednessOne Sunshine Coast Optometrist is leading the battle against short sightedness, and he’s not fighting fair!

Dr Darin Browne of Eye CU Optometrist in Queensland is alarmed at the boost in short sightedness we are presently seeing, especially amongst primary and secondary school age students.

“The main issue is that kids nowadays hardly ever look into the distance, especially since the rise of smart phones and tablets,” says Darin, “And instead spend an unbelievable amount of time focusing on near vision tasks, especially screen based devices.”.

The rapid increase in personal video games on devices such as phones, ipads, PSPs and laptop computers have actually seen a comparable rise in the incidence of myopia or shortsight. In this condition, children go blurred in the distance as their visual systems attempt to handle the amount of close work they are asking it to do. In this sense the traditional caricature of the Book Work or a Computer Geek rings true, both of which are imagined as requiring full-time glasses for distance vision. In short, they are shortsighted, and according to Darin, hat’s not fair!

The huge problem with short sightedness is that the majority of eye care practitioners just make the youngster’s glasses more powerful and more powerful through the years, a phenomenon experienced by many moms and dads, until the youngster becomes entirely dependent on their glasses… for everything.

They get up every morning and put their glasses on because this is the only way they can see well enough to get through the day.

For One Sunshine Coast Optometrist, this is Simply Not Good Enough!

Darin continues, “I was really uneasy increasing the prescriptions of my young short sighted patients, and started looking into methods to limit or even stop the progression of the condition, prior to the child becoming completely depending on glasses.”.

This has actually triggered a range of treatments which, over the last 5 years, have actually yielded incredible results.

Darin has discovered that utilizing lenses like support lenses or bifocals, or using unique contact lenses, can lower the amount of visual stress a child is undergoing when doing near work, and thus restrict the development of the short sightedness. At times it can even reverse the prescription change, but normally that needs something more.

That’s why Darin has actually designed a specialized vision treatment course to stop or perhaps reverse short sightedness. This is extremely economical and lasts around 6 months, and is done totally at home.

It includes essential changes to the child’s lifestyle and habits, as well as exercises they can do to help limit the progression of the myopia.

So if you are searching for a Sunshine Coast Optometrist who truly desires to keep your youngster from full-time short sightedness glasses, Dr Darin Browne deserves talking to!

The Best Ways to Stop Short Sightedness in Children

short sightedness in childrenThere is little doubt that the amount of short sightedness in children is greatly increasing right throughout the world and a lot of professionals believe that the factor for this is the amount of near and specifically screen based activity kids are now doing.

We can see short sightedness rising, however standard optometry offers bit in the means of trying to prevent short sightedness in kids. The fundamental strategy for many optometrists is, “Just wait up until you are fuzzy, then I will offer you glasses for seeing ranges.” However, exactly what they do not inform you is that, if we follow conventional treatment, there is an incredibly high chance that the prescription will certainly enhance every year as the child grows, and that their reliance on their glasses will also enhance.

In essence, we are growing myopic or short sighted kids, and countless youngsters are destined for complete time dependence on glasses or contact lenses, or even laser surgery.

However as a behavioural optometrist, I am enthusiastic about fighting short sightedness in our kids, and have actually discovered some fantastic secrets to helping this increasing condition.

So What is Short Sightedness?

Short sightedness happens when the eye length is too wish for the optics of the eye, so distant things appear fuzzy, but near objects are clear and comfy. Typically, bookworms, computer specialist and any individual who focuses for extended periods of time could wind up brief sighted. Exactly what we did not expect is that all of our kids would go shortsighted too!

With the innovation of the mobile phone, ipod, ipad and hand held games, kids are doing even more near centred activity in their day than ever prior to! Ask any parent and they are likely to relate a story of how their children can do amazing things on a computer or tablet, and how getting them to stop and go outside and play is a challenging job!

This prevails right across the industrialized world, and while all of us love the technology, we are creating a generation of short sighted kids.

The best ways to Stop Short Sightedness in Children

While numerous mechanisms are liable for short sightedness, including everything from genetic makeups to diet, I believe that the biggest factor is the quantity of near work youngsters now do, and this is one area we can fight back with!

Asking your kid to do less reading or screen based work (or games !!!) is probably not going to occur, but securing their eyes as they do it can certainly take place. Remember, the aim is to stop the progression of the condition, and taking pressure of kids as they do close work is a terrific starting point.

In practice, Darin makes use of reading glasses, bifocals, specialized myopia lowering contact lenses and eye exercises to obtain the best results, and he has a proven performance history of stopping, and in some cases even minimizing the short sightedness in children

At Eye CU Optometrists, we aim to be the most innovative and holistic sunlight coast eye doctor, specifically in the field of kids’s vision, therefore Darin is constantly studying and researching better ways to handle short sightedness in youngsters.

He has simply published a book of eye workouts that he uses every day with his patients, and already he is seeing motivating outcomes in short sightedness reduction and constraint.

So if you are looking for a sunshine coast eye doctor who is stopping as well as lowering short sightedness in children, we’ll see you at Eye CU Optometrists!